Athlete of the Month



This month, Sierra chose Connor Cunningham as our Central client of the month because he approaches his training as if it’s his job…a top priority.

Connor works a pretty prestigious job at Microsoft as one of the top executives. His workload is always high, mostly on call, and at times he doesn’t get off of work until between 7pm – 11pm at times, and this year he’s missing his annual vacation because of COVID.

None of this has deterred Connor; in fact, it has spurred him to dig deeper in his workouts. Connor comes to training sessions no matter what, and if one is missed, he always wants to make it up.

He treats fitness with as much discipline as he treats his job. He makes time, brings his passion, and his commitment with 100% effort every time. As a coach, I have no complaints; love this guy!


This month, Beckie chose her client Lindsay Watson as the featured client from our South location. Here’s what she said about Lindsay and their work together, “Lindsay and I have worked together for several years, and through her dedication to her workouts and a healthy lifestyle, she has taken her fitness to a whole new level. She completed her 200-hour yoga certification in early 2019 and has been teaching people in recovery from substance abuse. This year, in spite of the pandemic, she completed her 300-hour certification and continues to grow as a yoga teacher. In fact, she has been teaching me yoga on Zoom! When lockdown started, she refused to give up her hard-earned booty gains, so she bought herself a Hex bar so she could keep lifting heavy. Now that we are back in person, she has jumped right back into serious strength training and has proven herself to be a total BEAST! I expect amazing things from this badass yogi.”