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As trainers, our greatest sense of satisfaction and pride is when a trainee meets their goals. Our trainers are the architects, designing blueprints to build awesome, functional bodies. Our clients are the investors, dedicating heart and soul to lay down a solid, healthy foundation for their lives. Together, we all make a pretty great team!

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what people like you are saying about our amazing staff:

Love the quick in-and-out concept of this gym. The 30 minute sessions are perfect for those with a busy schedule.

Christine Golden

I have been working out with Tram for about 2 years now and I have loved every single thing he does. He has truly helped develop me as an athlete and increase my performance. As an athlete I would put my future in his hands every time. He is confident and professional and helped me put my best foot forward on the playing field every time!!

Clayton Maddox

We can really see a difference in our strength. Our personal trainer pushes us, but always makes sure to keep an eye on our form, which I really appreciate.

Jennifer Vickers

I have never felt truly at home at a gym like I have at ASF. Brendan in particular is hands down one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. He’s friendly, positive, motivating, and smart as all get out. He trains you with creativity AND consideration of where you and any of your injuries may be.

Courtney Jacinic

ASF has helped me improve my overall fitness and makes sure that I do so safely without hurting myself. I look forward to my sessions because it's been a great way to learn about my body, get work/life stress out, and otherwise make an investment in me.

Conor Cunningham

If you have any skepticism about investing into a personal trainer you shouldn't. Especially if you go to Austin Simply Fit. I joined about 12 weeks after having my second baby and after just three months I feel stronger, leaner and more confident than I have in years

Crystal Roberts

Not just a gym but a true community of motivated (and motivating) individuals. I walked in just looking for a kick-start on the path back to a healthier lifestyle and a couple years later I’ve fallen in love with powerlifting and feel like I’ve found a hobby I’ll carry with me for life.

Lee Curtis

...the location at South Lamar is clean, well-organized, never over-crowded, equipped with modern machines and workout gear, and above all has a great positive-encouraging atmosphere...

Brandon Edward Elizondo

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