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We love our clients and they love us!

As trainers, our greatest sense of satisfaction and pride is when our clients meet their goals. Our trainers use their extensive education and experience to create training programs designed to meet each client’s specific needs.

But for us, it goes beyond progress at the gym. The relationships we build with our clients is what makes training at ASF different. We care.

Our clients trust their personal trainers to meet them exactly where they are, helping them work through challenges and gain strength and confidence. These relationships are what keep our clients coming back, and what keeps them making progress.

But don’t just take our word for it, read what people like you are saying about our amazing staff:

No big egos here, no showing off. Just a kind, intelligent and friendly vibe. The atmosphere is so low-key and pleasant and friendly. My trainer, Dan Behnfeldt, is terrific, hitting just the right balance between acceptance, and challenging me to push harder. I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been and I feel better about myself. I just can’t recommend Austin Simply Fit highly enough!

Steven Folberg

I have only great things to say about Austin Simply Fit and specifically my trainer Vilita Cruz! The vibe in the gym is always chill and friendly, and V has been a delight to work with. She is so warm and supportive and has tailored our workouts to help me reach my specific goals.

Shubha Soman

I cannot recommend Niamh McWalter enough! Coming from someone who used to dread working out or stepping foot into a gym, she has completely built my confidence in the gym and now I look forward to my workouts with her. She guides you through all the workouts and is extremely patient with her clients. She creates workouts that help you build up to your goals. She’s a joy to work with and always has a smile on her face... even at 630am!


This place is amazing. I’ve trained with Beckie Lough for several years and if I can do it, anyone can. I came in not knowing the first thing about weight training, form and she was the most patient and positive coach. She pushes me but without feeling pushy. Beckie always makes it fun and has very creative (and tough) workouts planned each week. I love being able to show up and the 30min workout will kick your butt.

Sam Needham

I have been training with Nicky Trbovich at Austin Simply Fit for nine weeks now, and l couldn’t be happier with the results he has helped me attain. Nicky engages me with movements, stances, and techniques that help me comprehend what proper form feels like. His coaching skills never slouch nor offend. He knows exactly what I can do; he simply helps me realize it as well.

Jonathan Martin

Everything about my experience with Austin Simply Fit has been stellar. Eric Brooks is solid - he knows his stuff and has worked with me through existing injuries and the ongoing side effects of being locked in a desk job. His understanding of fitness has allowed me to stay active and make progress where many other exercise programs have failed.

Cory Tobin

My trainer Sianna Decarli is incredible! She is very knowledgeable and supportive, always working with you to find the best work out and always believing in you even when you want to give up. The equipment at the gym is always clean and the wide variety of it allows for a huge range of different workouts you can do.

Joaquin Nunez

Kimi Adeigbe has been a great trainer - observant, challenging me without overwhelming me and just generally being a great person to hang out with for 30 minutes while I lift increasingly heavy objects. I like the overall vibe of the place and really appreciate the diversity of shapes, sizes and ages of people there.

Rachel Deitch

Austin Simply Fit is a great gym for training with a personal fitness coach. The building is clean, the equipment is always in good shape, and everyone is super friendly. My trainer is Quintin Hinojosa and he’s super awesome! He knows good technique is patient with my training.

Diego Guerra

Matt Webb is clear and helpful explaining anytime there's a new exercise or when I need to fix my form. The workout plan he made for me takes into account my goals, and is challenging without burning me out. As someone who often gets too in their own head about exercise on my own, the best part for me is I leave every workout feeling positive and proud of my progress. Great encouraging environment!

Melissa DeVarney

Awesome gym with great facilities and a low key atmosphere. Jackie Tey has been a fantastic trainer and has helped me get back into weight training after many years out of the gym. Very positive energy, deep knowledge of technique, and a great motivator.

Chase Heard

Gem of a gym! Bailee Murray is an amazing PT! Not only does she have tons of knowledge and experience, she is also a fantastic teacher. My form has never looked so good [: And not only is she very motivating to push, she also cheers me on and points out my progress and accomplishments.


I love this place and also my trainer Ashley Bazan! Since I've joined it's been wonderful to add these personalized strength sessions that complement my boxing training. It's nice to customize the training to fit your needs, and it's great to have such professionals dedicated to your routine.

Laura Franco

I love working with Kristal Espitia! She's the best! She's always happy to see me and makes me actually want to come to the gym. Kristal plans workouts that are challenging but not impossible to do. She always checks in with me before, during and after workouts to make sure that I'm feeling okay.

Kayla Alisha

Sianna Decarli has been great to work with! She has definitely made me stronger and works with me on my goals!

Deepa Suneel

Niamh McWalter is amazing! She took time to carefully listen to my fitness background and goals, which was important to me because I felt like I needed someone I could trust to guide me back into strenuous workouts after my abdominal surgery. Our sessions fly by so fast! The workouts are so efficient and challenging in our 30 minutes together. She mixes up the program too to keep me on my toes and I never get bored.

Ann Le

Working with Dan Behnfeldt took my track career to the next level! He did such a great job designing a program that was specific to my needs and strengthening my weaknesses. As a decathlete I don’t have one specific need for improvement, and his willingness to listen to what I needed, learn different movements to help me, and make a plan to build strength and explosiveness was fantastic!

Scott Wisniewski

I’ve had many good personal trainers over the years, but KT Stemper tops them all. Her knowledge of the body and the latest training techniques are second to none. Also, the facility is immaculate and well stocked with equipment. You can’t go wrong with KT and Austin Simply Fit!

BJ Fineman

Vilita Cruz is the best personal trainer I’ve ever had! She is patient with those just starting their journey, encouraging, and makes everything clear to understand. She takes the time to get to know her clients, understands their strengths/weaknesses, and how best to achieve personal success.

Alana Grayson

I have to say that John DeLaPaz is one of the best trainers I have had. Not only does he listen to what my physical goals are and understands what workouts I need to help me achieve them, but he also helps and guides me to make better decisions for faster and more noticeable results. He has always been patient but pushes me to always get better. Definitely keeps me accountable, which is key!

Maria Blake

I’m a professional athlete who is home in between seasons... David Polisky quickly blew me away with his knowledge of proper form, encouragement and great workouts, where I see results each week. I enjoy small gyms because it feels like you're a part of something. Seeing David has made my game better and also made me feel stronger and more confident in myself!

Courtney Duever

I could not be happier with Nicky Trbovich at Austin Simply Fit. He really listens to what my goals and needs are and keeps it all in mind when devising a plan, a plan that has evolved as I have gotten stronger. In fact, I have to say he has gone above and beyond what any other trainer I’ve ever worked with has done.

Megan Lenoir

Beckie Lough and I are going on 10 years together and I could not be happier. She is so warm, funny and fun to train with - she is always coming up with new things for us to try, and knows how to push you in just the right way.

Marushka Bland

As a former college basketball player, Sierra Nevels knows what it takes to compete. Her training methods are disciplined, focused, challenging, and the young HS athletes that she trains all respond well to her. If you are looking for some additional training for your son or daughter, look no further!

Mike Armour

Krista Bergeron has been my trainer at Austin Simply Fit for 10+ years. Simply stated, she has changed my life from the standpoint of health, strength and overall fitness. She has guided me through injuries with competence and compassion... I'm a "lifer" with Krista---oh, and did I mention she's very bright with a wonderful sense of humor?

Diane Breidenstein

Austin Simply Fit is the best gym to train at in Austin!! There is a genuine feeling of community and everyone is made to feel welcome. I train with Brendan Morr and recommend him to anyone looking to get fit, get strong, or just improve overall health.

Dottie Wagner

I have never felt truly at home at a gym like I have at ASF. Brendan Morr in particular is hands down one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. He’s friendly, positive, motivating, and smart as all get out. He trains you with creativity AND consideration of where you and any of your injuries may be.

Courtney Jacinic

ASF has helped me improve my overall fitness and makes sure that I do so safely without hurting myself. I look forward to my sessions because it's been a great way to learn about my body, get work/life stress out, and otherwise make an investment in me. Sierra Alysce Nevels has expertise in so many areas where I am still learning and it's just fun to go push myself doing something new like this. The whole team there is great and supportive, and I can say it has been a big, positive change in my life that I'm happy I have done.

Conor Cunningham

Darryl Payne and everybody at Austin Simply Fit have been nothing but helpful and supportive! As someone who wanted to become more active but had some anxiety about going to a gym, I've had such a positive experience and highly recommend this gym to anybody--regardless of their fitness level and especially if they were starting pretty much from zero like I am. Trainers and clientele alike are so friendly, the gym and equipment are always so clean. It's such a wonderful atmosphere to put in work and reach your goals!

Laura Treviño

Eric Brooks keeps the workouts fun, fast, and ever changing to keep you on your toes. The gym is always clean, never crowded, and has great energy. I would highly recommend Eric and Austin Simply Fit to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Guhan Venguswamy

Kimi Adeigbe is an amazing trainer. The best I’ve had thus far. I love how patient she is with me, how she listens to what my goals are and most importantly, how she’s able to train me with no pain!!! I see amazing results since training with her and the best part is I’M STRONGER!

Sabrina Wright

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