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The Simply Fit Games have been carefully designed to test a variety of strength and fitness variables. The challenges are to be completed in the order shown below, with a 3 minute rest period between each one. This ensures that competitors are tested on their performance on each individual challenge instead of as a single endurance event. Two competitors will go head-to-head in each heat. 

We love a good competition – it provides a specific goal to train for, keeps you pushing hard, and allows you to show off the results of all the work you do in the gym. Click here for a recap of the Simply Fit Games: Trainer Edition! Click here to read about the 2023 Simply Fit Games!

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In the following pages, you will find details about each event, including why we have selected it, what it is testing, and specific ways you can improve your performance.

    1. Lower Body Power: Vertical Jump
    2. Muscular Strength: Trap Bar 3 Rep Max
    3. Upper Body Power: Seated Med Ball Chest Throw
    4. Anaerobic Power: Assault Bike
    5. Muscular Endurance: Flexed Arm Hang
    6. Aerobic Power: Versa Climber



Sianna Decarli has been great to work with! She has definitely made me stronger and works with me on my goals!

– Deepa Suneel

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