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“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement

for success in any field.”

– Brian Tracy


At Austin Simply Fit, continuing education is a cornerstone of our business. Through Austin Simply Fit University, we provide in-depth, practical education that keeps our coaches up-to-date on scientific research and best practices in strength training.


Onboarding Program

ASFU’s foundational course is a 13-week onboarding program, which empowers newly hired trainers with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful strength coaches. Concepts introduced in the classroom are implemented in practical sessions in the gym through hands-on coaching. 

Classroom topics include:

  • Scientific principles of strength training
  • Fundamentals of program design
  • Periodization for long term programming
  • Managing stress and fatigue for our clientele


Intensive training in the gym includes:

  • Understanding the importance of full range of motion for strength, hypertrophy, longevity and health
  • Advanced techniques to ensure the long term progress of the trainee as their training age increases
  • Understanding appropriate training intensity and effort to produce the desired outcome

Upcoming In-House Courses

To ensure our trainers continue to grow as coaches and athletes, we offer additional courses throughout the year.

These include:
  • Structural balance
  • Program design
  • Progressions and regressions of lifts
  • Intensive holiday prep
  • Increasing bench press max in 12 weeks
  • Increasing squat max in 12 weeks



I cannot recommend Niamh McWalter enough! Coming from someone who used to dread working out or stepping foot into a gym, she has completely built my confidence in the gym and now I look forward to my workouts with her. She guides you through all the workouts and is extremely patient with her clients. She creates workouts that help you build up to your goals. She’s a joy to work with and always has a smile on her face... even at 630am!

– Sonja

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