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Ideal for couples and best friend groups! Austin Simply Fit offers semi-private, multiple client 30-minute personal training sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer. Multi-client personal training sessions are ideal for two or three clients to train together. Clients typically train two or three times a week.

Fitness Focused on You

Our personal trainers at Austin Simply Fit know that there are great motivational benefits from multi-client training. Your personal trainer will create a personal fitness program for you and your partner, with workouts designed to be fun for two. Friends keep each other pushing hard and laughing through the most challenging workouts and couples inspire each other and enjoy getting to know each other in new ways. We have had several couples train together through a pregnancy and later with their new baby! Your personal trainer will keep track of each client’s progress and will help you stay accountable for the goals you set together.

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Whether you want to establish a fit lifestyle, improve your mobility and become pain-free, or achieve a specific physical goal, Austin Simply Fit Certified Personal Trainers will guide you every step of the way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Austin Simply Fit offer bootcamps or group fitness classes?
While we do not offer typical group classes, we do offer multi-client training. Our fitness coaches will create custom programming for each client according to their goals and will structure the session to ensure each client gets exceptional coaching.

What is the maximum number of participants allowed in a multi-client training session?
The size of the small group is up to the trainer and the clients involved. Most multi-client sessions consist of two or three clients. This makes it easier for the trainer to keep a close eye on form and to provide adjustments for each client’s needs. Our Athletic Development & Performance program, designed for student athletes, often has five or six athletes training together. 

What happens if someone in my group can’t make it to a session, can I still attend our regular session or would it have to be rescheduled?
It is best if all scheduled clients attend the session, but of course sometimes things come up. When this happens, the client can purchase a 1-on-1 package to use when they train solo.

Me and my fitness partner are at different levels when it comes to fitness, but we want to work out together. Will this still be possible?
It’s super fun for training partners to work toward a common goal, but it is inevitable that their training will diverge from each other at times based on their unique needs. Our personal trainers are highly skilled at teaching regressions and progressions of movements in order to meet their clients exactly where they are. They also know how to structure a workout so that no matter what each person is doing, everyone feels empowered and connected.

Do we pay by session or for a number of sessions? What if my fitness partner decides it’s not a good fit for them?
Our sessions are sold individually or in packages of 5, 10 or 20 sessions. If you buy a package of multi-client sessions but your partner decides to stop training, we will allow you to convert your multi-client sessions into 1-on-1 sessions.

Personal Training Packages for All Fitness Levels

Want to feel the burn with your partner or a few close friends? Prefer a solo workout? Austin Simply Fit has a personal training package for you!

Eric Brooks keeps the workouts fun, fast, and ever changing to keep you on your toes. The gym is always clean, never crowded, and has great energy. I would highly recommend Eric and Austin Simply Fit to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

– Guhan Venguswamy

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