What can you expect from your personal training sessions at Austin Simply Fit?

It usually goes a little something like this …

You show up 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment and your smiling trainer is there to greet you as you head to the dressing room to gear up. After your Chuck Taylors are strapped on your feet, fill up your water bottle with our refreshing, crystal-clear, pure water.

You loosen up your tight spots by hitting the foam roller for 5 minutes, while getting mentally pumped to have a great workout. Carving out some space for yourself on the training floor, you begin your active warm-up by doing some dynamic stretching and movement as a fellow trainee asks you how you day was.

Feel free to make a music suggestion to your trainer that gets your energy going! You really hit squats and dead lifts hard last time and your hamstrings and glutes still feel sore. To your delight, your trainer informs you today is primarily focused on your upper body. You head over to the barbells and begin getting ready for bench press. You’ve been practicing your form a lot recently and are rewarded by hitting a new personal record for two reps! What a great feeling it is to be getting stronger and lifting weights you never thought possible!

After a multitude of high-fives, you move on to some supporting exercises and begin to sweat. Your trainer progresses you to some more difficult variations and you are amazed that you can now do those pull-ups you couldn’t do just two weeks ago. You finish with some metabolic conditioning and your abs and shoulders are now screaming at you but you feel great!

You look at the clock and can’t believe 30 minutes went by that fast because you had so much fun the entire time. You are equal parts pumped to do more and glad that you finally get to rest after such a great workout. Embracing your trainer with a sweaty hug, you are encouraged to go eat some carbohydrates and protein. Feeling proud of your accomplishments, and with a sense of empowerment, you tell your trainer “Thank you!” You look up at the sign above the door that says “Your Success is OUR Success” and can’t wait to come back.

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I had definitely hit a fitness plateau but ASF shook it up and I’m now achieving things i didn’t think possible.

– N.N.

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