Athlete of the Month


Alyssa recently joined ASF with the goal of losing weight and building muscle. She has been training with Brendan since Day 1 (which was during the start of the pandemic) and does what it takes in and out of the gym. Here’s what Brendan said about working with Alyssa, “We originally started our training together via zoom and did the best we could when she first started training at the beginning of COVID. To get started, we used a combination of bodyweight exercises with a controlled tempo and slowly incorporated the use of weights. Since she began, Alyssa has lost 21 lbs! and as she enthusiastically says “99 more to go”. To me, that’s someone who’s going to achieve her goal. I’m looking forward to seeing Alyssa lift more and apply what she learns in the studio to her overall lifestyle. What’s she been doing so far is working and I see her enjoying the process of lifting and getting back into shape.”

John has been training with David for a bit now, over time the two have gotten to know each other quite well. Here’s why David chose John for this month’s client highlight. “I chose John because he always brings his positive attitude to the studio, no matter what the training session has in store, and he’s always up for trying new things. John is also very strong, he actually won the bench press competition held at the ASF Burnet Studio in March. We’re eager to see where he is when COVID subsides and we can test his strength on the platform again.”