Beckie Lough


La Plata, MD

Training style:
I am fierce and fun! I want you to love the feeling your body gets when you find your limits and push past them. I will encourage you, make you laugh, and help you give your absolute best in each and every session. I am also a competitive powerlifter and I help craft the programming for our powerlifting teams. Come see me if you’re ready to take your lifting to the next level!

Greatest Health Triumph:
I was not an athletic kid – I climbed a lot of trees but never enjoyed team sports. By the time I outgrew tree-climbing, I was well on my way to a sedentary adulthood. I spent time in and out of gyms, but nothing stuck long enough to make a lasting difference. Six months before from my wedding in 2008, my then-fiancé suggested we start running together. I had always HATED running – the heavy feeling in my legs, the gasping for breath – but I decided to give it a try. Those first weeks felt like absolute torture. But slowly, almost imperceptibly, the miles got easier and I started craving my daily runs – the hard work, the meditative moments alone on the trail, the fresh air and sunshine.

Nearly 10 years years later, fitness is the passion I never knew I would find. I still love to run, and powerlifting at ASF has shown me how good it feels to be strong and has taught me how to challenge my body in new ways. Who knew squats could be as fun as a 10 mile run?

Why Personal Training:
I know firsthand how hard it can be to find the time for fitness. Even if you devote an hour to the gym, you might spend half the time spinning in circles trying to decide where to start, then spend the other 30 minutes mindlessly cruising on the elliptical while watching an old episode of Friends. While this is certainly better than nothing, it is no way to get seriously fit.

I will design a program for you that works with your current level of fitness, your individual goals, and your lifestyle. Put in the effort and you WILL get results. Stop spinning your wheels and get serious!

Sports & Fitness Background:
Since joining ASF in 2013, powerlifting has been my primary sport. I have competed in five meets and coached clients in many more. I also love distance running, completing my first half-marathon in 2011 and the Austin Marathon in 2013.

Favorite Things About Austin:
I love the spirit of fitness this town exudes! The Trail at Town Lake is by far my favorite place to be, followed closely by Barton Springs. There’s no better way to soothe your hard-working muscles than a dip in its cold, clear water!

Other Hobbies:
Whenever I’m sitting still, I’m usually reading a great book and listening to music. I also love to go see my husband’s bands play around town and hang with my favorite pup, Sagan.

Beckie’s Certifications:
WITS Certified Personal Trainer