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Congratulations on taking a big step forward on your health and fitness journey. A member of our team will reach out to help you set up your FREE consultation and assessment.

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    • Create and foster an active lifestyle
    • Gain consistency through accountability
    • Boost your energy levels
    • Increase your level of fitness
    • Increase overall strength
    • Lose excess body fat
    • Lower your blood pressure
    • Experience chronic pain relief
    • Prevent future injuries
    • Expand your confidence
    • Empower yourself!

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    Initial consultations at Austin Simply Fit include 30 minutes of information-sharing – tell us about your fitness and health goals, medical and fitness training history, and we’ll explain our personal training packages, studio policies, and procedures. Then, one of our highly qualified personal trainers will coach you through a comprehensive structural balance assessment, compliments of Austin Simply Fit.

    After I fill out the form, how long will it take for someone from ASF to reach out and schedule my free consultation?

    We will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule your complimentary fitness consultation and assessment.

    How long will my first consultation and assessment take?

    You can expect to spend an hour in your consultation. 

    What is included in the initial consultation and structural balance assessment?

    You and your personal trainer will spend about 30 minutes discussing your fitness and health goals, medical and training history, and our personal training programs. Next, your personal trainer will put you through a structural balance assessment to get a better understanding of your fitness level and to identify movement issues that will be addressed in your personalized programming. 

    What happens after my first consultation? 

    If you decide to continue training at Austin Simply Fit, you and your personal trainer will find a mutually suitable time and will book your next appointment. After the initial consultation, subsequent workouts are 30 minutes, but we encourage you to come in 10 minutes early to warm up.

    What do I need to do before my first personal training session?

    After you have scheduled your 1-hour consultation and assessment, all you need to do is come in ready to move. We’ll take care of the rest. Each initial consultation includes a 30-minute conversation about your fitness and health goals, medical and training history, and our personal training programs, followed by a comprehensive assessment led by one of our qualified personal trainers. We’ll help you take that next step on your fitness journey. Welcome to Austin Simply Fit! Be sure you confirm the location of our fitness studios.

    How does Austin Simply Fit decide who my trainer is? Can I request a specific trainer? 

    Our diverse team of trainers offers a plethora of unique skills, experience and education to our clients. Some specialize in athletic development, injury rehabilitation, or pre- and postnatal exercise, but all are highly qualified to meet your needs through a strength training program designed for you. We will pair you with a trainer who has availability that fits with your schedule, and who will best support your specific goals.


    I have only great things to say about Austin Simply Fit and specifically my trainer Vilita Cruz! The vibe in the gym is always chill and friendly, and V has been a delight to work with. She is so warm and supportive and has tailored our workouts to help me reach my specific goals.

    – Shubha Soman

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