Athlete of the Month


Coach Krista
 chose Jim and Amanda because of their consistency and commitment to their health. They are both live very busy love and make time to stay healthy and fit a priority. “Jim recently had knee surgery but was back 1week post surgery,” said Krista. “They support each other and push each other every session. Most importantly, they are hilarious!”

Jim took a few minutes to tell us about his ASF experience. Here is what he said…



What do you do for work/ in your professional life?
Founder of 360Partners a digital marketing company for medium to large sized companies


How long have you been working out at ASF?
4 ½ years


Why did you decide to join ASF?
I had been doing individual workouts and felt both directionless and did not feel like I was making any real progress on things.


What were your goals when you started?
That was actually part of the problem.  I had the nebulous “I want to get into shape” goal that so many folks have.  What does that exactly mean?  One of the big benefits of being a part of the ASF community is that I have refined the “I want to get into shape” goal into things that are much more specific.


How close are you to meeting them?
Does one ever meet their goals?  It is more like you meet a goal and a new one pops up and becomes your new goal!


What changes have you noticed in your body, mind, spirit since starting at ASF?
Wow… lots of changes here. I have…

  • …seen huge improvement in my BMI over time. I have replaced a lot of fat with muscle.
  • … learned (and am still learning) the proper techniques for lifting weights (and not getting hurt while doing so)
  • … gained confidence in constructing an “off day” workout for myself
  • … more energy for everyday living
  • … had to get new clothes as “slim fit” shirts no longer fit me


What challenges have you had to overcome, if any, since starting out at ASF?
A couple of big ones.  I am a reformed marathon runner.  Through the course of my running I wore away a significant portion of the cartilage in both of my knees.  As a result, I have osteoarthritis.  The trainers have been awesome in working with me on this.  They have been great a working around my arthritis but still pushing me to get a great workout.


Any surprises since starting at ASF?
I never thought I would enjoy lifting weights.  Growing up I HATED lifting weights, partially because I was not properly trained in how do so. ASF has done a great job in teaching me how to do various movements.


Why do you like working out with Krista?
Several things:

  • Energy level. She is like being around the “Energizer Bunny”.  She literally bops around the gym during a session.  This energy is contagious.
  • Wow… she knows so much about working out, lifting weights, nutrition, being healthy, etc.  During many of our sessions I simple ask her one question after another and learn from her.
  • Intensity of the workout. Krista has “mastered” me.  This meaning that she knows exactly how far to push/encourage me in a workout to where I am worn out afterwards but not hurt.  I don’t know how she does this…
  • Krista is just friendly.  She is just fun to be around.


What is it about Krista/ASF that keeps you coming back?
I would say all of the things mentioned above about Krista.  But given all the benefits I feel I get from working out at ASF, I have incorporated it into my schedule/life.  I notice the days when I have to miss a session.


What are your goals & plans for the future at ASF?
Right now, I have recovering from knee surgery so my immediate goals are around finishing recovery around that and strengthening my knees. Long term I want to do a couple of things.  First I want to maintain/increase my mobility and strength.   There are a lot of physical activities which I enjoy and I want to be able to do them as long as possible.  Second, I want to continue to decrease my BMI.

As I supposed to give the “gym answer”? 
If so, Cassine protein shakes.  If not, pizza.  ?


Any advice you’d share with a newcomer to ASF?
You have come to the right place.  All of the trainers that I have met and worked out with there are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and will create a custom workout plan which will both challenge and help you meet your goals.