Krista Bergeron

Salt Lake City, Utah,  but I have lived in Nevada, Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas so I feel like home is many places.

Who do you like training most and how do you train them?
Honestly, I don’t have a favorite type of client. I truly enjoy connecting with people so every situation or training goal is just a product of the individual’s needs. I have the opportunity to get to know them personally and facilitate them growing physically, mentally and even emotionally. Each individual’s training is driven by why they walked in my doors. That goal can vary from aesthetic, to getting pain free, to breaking world records. Different type of goals will determine how I will train the client and it will be individual to them.

What fitness achievement are you most proud of?
I pride myself in staying as competitive and as versatile as possible. Like many trainers, my childhood love was playing sports which is what I think still drives my competitive nature. In 2013 I took 3rd in Austin Fittest Competition, 2014 I broke 3 world records in powerlifting in my weight class, and 2015 I took 3rd in the True athlete Games and ran two half marathons. So I guess I’m most proud of my ability to try a variety of things and give it everything I have with some success. I never stop showing up for training and being competitive, I try to walk the walk..not just preach it.

Why did you become a personal trainer?
The short of the story is after a decade in the business world, I took a break when I had small babies. As I pondered returning to work, I really asked myself what my passion was…”what do you love?”. At the time, I had returned to a stint of playing competitive Roller-derby with Texas Rollergirls Rec league. My experience being back on a team, being competitive and fierce, reminded who I really was. Clear as a bell, I knew my first true love was sports an fitness. I knew the kinda of empowerment and joy I experienced by becoming in touch with my physicality and strength. I wanted everyone to feel that, especially new parents like me, who can get lost in the sacrifices you make when you become a parent. I wanted to help people feel like the best versions of themselves. I realized during this time the importance of carving out space in my own life for ME and I wanted other parents to do the same.

Tell us about your fitness background

As mentioned before I was a sports kid, I played competitive softball and volleyball, but in leisure played any and everything you can think of. I was a “tomboy” in the middle of two brothers. It wasn’t until staying home with my kids that I really got interested in strength and conditioning. I had always enjoyed the thrill of sport, but then fell in love with the weight training aspect that lead to my change in careers to becoming a trainer. I enjoy many forms of training but they are rooted in strength and conditioning. I’m not into fad fitness…it’s basically do the work, eat properly and recover and you get the results. My must haves are remain strong, avoid injury and be an all around athlete which includes flexibility and mobility so that I can continue to do the activities I love for a lifetime

Where are your favorite places in Austin?
Not gonna lie…this girl loves two main things in Austin, FOOD and MUSIC! There are too many favorite restaurants to mention but seeing someone I love at ACL Moody theater is hard to beat.

How do you spend free time outside of ASF?
You can pretty much always find me with friends and family eating, laughing, traveling and trying to stay sane in the grind. I am lucky to call some of the coolest people my friends and clients so I get to see them all day at the gym, and then hang with them on the weekends too. My kids also like sports, so I spend a lot of time playing with them and attending their events too. One of my most cherished escapes is my semi-monthly Body Rock nights out. It helps me let go of every stress in the world and just have pure fun, period.

Krista’s Certification:
AFPA Personal Training Certification

Austin Simply Fit is a supportive, motivational environment to work out in. It’s comprised of all trainers and clients so it’s seriously down to business, and still completely lighthearted – it’s a gym that feels warm, like family.

Jennifer C.

It is a pleasure to have someone to listen to my long list of physical issues and be able to push me further than I may have pushed myself-but not into pain.

Michelle W.

The atmosphere at Austin Simply Fit is comfortable and fun. I cherish my time with Krista - it’s MY time and I’m getting my rockin body back!

Jessica G.