We’re kicking up our summer class schedule with new group classes for everyone. No matter where in the Austin area you reside, there is a group class at an ASF location where you can play!

These classes range from good old-fashioned HIIT conditioning, to midnight workouts and a ladies’ night at our Leander facility. We’ll keep the classes around you like best, so please try them all a few times and let us know which was your favorite. More about the classes below.

HIIT Happy Hour every Wednesday, 7:00pm @ ASF South (South Lamar)
Amanda Bode
High Intensity Interval Training is one of the greatest ways to build muscle and burn fat while conditioning your body! Join ASF trainer Amanda Bode as she puts you through the best Happy Hour you’ll attend in your week! Just $20 for 45 minutes of fun, intense conditioning. Drop-in’s welcome. Begins June 21, 2017.

Midnight Madness every Wednesday and Friday, 12:00am @ ASF Central (5134 Burnet)
Darryl Payne, Jr
Designed to help service and medical providers (or anyone that finds themselves in the office until the we-hours of the morning) get their goals with no excuses. This 30-minute, total body workout is geared to help you break a sweat, burn fat and get yourself ready to relax before going to bed. These midnight workouts are perfect for everyone. From beginner to advanced fitness enthusiasts, this quick, intense workout is the first step toward your goals and getting or staying in shape and seeing results in a matter of weeks! The cost is $20 per session, multi-class packages available, drop-ins welcome. Begins, July 5th, 2017.

Wonder Woman Wednesday (FREE – Ladies’ Night) the 3rd Wednesday, 6:30pm @ ASF Leander (S. Bagdad Rd.)
Jen Andrew + Mark Rogers
Austin Simply Fit is opening a brand new community class just for the ladies. Join us on the third Wednesday of every month of Wonder Woman Wednesday! This monthly event is a get-together where we will hang out, laugh, sweat and socialize over beverages (yes, adult beverages if that’s something you fancy) with a side of strength and conditioning. The class will be taught by our own powerlifting pricess and Trybe Yoga owner Jen Andrew, with support from the other Austin Simply Fit female coaches. This class is FREE and drop-ins are welcome! Class begins June 2017.

ASF Bar Class every Friday, 7:30pm @ ASF South (South Lamar)
Theo Lusardi
This high-intensity bootcamp will have you ready for your Saturdays at Barton Springs by getting you in shape with sledgehammers, tires, battleropes, kettlebells, barbells and a whole lot of bodyweight. Full body workouts built around proper form while building muscle and getting lean. It’s Friday night so the music is loud and the energy is high! Whether this is where your night ends or begins, everyone here will be energized and excited to get their bodies pumping. This class will be challenging but for everyone. From the mathlete to the athlete, you will get a great workout for your level. The cost is $20 per class, multi-class packages are available, drop ins welcome! Begins July 7, 2017.