Mark Rogers

Professional athlete, entrepreneur, and expert strength, conditioning and performance coach, Mark Rogers is the Founder & Head Coach of Austin Simply Fit, the premier personal training studio in Austin, Texas.

Mark opened the first of three private facilities in 2010, after spending 7 years in the team sector of strength and conditioning. Under his direction, the expert training staff at Austin Simply Fit has helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals using Mark’s strength-based fitness program utilizing high-intensity 30-minute workouts proven to be more effective than traditional less-intense 60-90 minute sessions. Mark’s methodical approach to performance and fitness is based on more than two decades worth of research and training at both the high school, collegiate, and professional level.

For Mark,training is about competing against your own self with disregard to all outside influences. Mark lives by the motto “I will not accept mediocrity,” a motto his athletes and trainers are required to embrace. Since beginning his career Mark has trained and continues to train some of the best athletes in the sports preparing them for their NFL combines, NFL and MLB seasons, along with preparing for MMA fights, track and field, strongman and powerlifting competitions.

In addition to running his own business, Mark is a world-class athlete/powerlifter who has successfully competed in dozens of local, state, and world competitions since beginning his lifting career nearly seven years ago. Rogers is the current APF National Champion and holds AAPF State Records in all categories for the OPEN and Submaster Divisions in his weight class (275lbs) and USPA State Multiply Records in all categories for the Open Division. Mark also placed second in the 2013 IPL World Championships in Las Vegas.

Mark was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Dalton, Georgia. Growing up, Mark was obese and often made fun of for his weight. The taunting fueled Mark’s athletic accomplishments. He was a multi-sport high school athlete who went on to play college football at the University of South  in Sewanee, Tennessee and Virginia State University. A spinal injury set him back physically and mentally resulting in severe weight gain. At the age of 19 he decided he would no longer support the unhealthy lifestyle he was living. He took control of his diet and exercise and transformed his body from 300+ unhealthy pounds to 235 healthy pounds. Ultimately, his personal passion for fitness turned into his life’s work.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University-Commerce. He is NSCA-CSCS, Reflexive Performance Reset, and Westside Barbell Certified. Mark travels frequently, locally and abroad to share his expertise and passion with others. All of this plays second fiddle to his desire to support the variety of activities that his three children are participating in at all times.

Mark’s Certifications:
B.S. Kinesiology from Texas A&M
NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Powerlifting Accomplishments and Records
11/2009-USAPL Longhorn Open-2nd Place
3/20/10-SPF Longhorn Classic-1st Place
3/20/10-SPF Longhorn Classic, 1st Place Bench for Reps
8/7/2010-APF Texas Challenge, 2nd Place
5/28/2011-USPF Texas State, 1st Place, Best Lifter
11/5/2011-APF Texas Cup, 1st Place
12/15/2012-USPA Lifts for Gifts, 1st Place, Best Lifter
8/2/2013-APF Texas Challenge, 1st Place
11/09/13-IPL World Championships, 2nd Place
6/1/2014-APF National Championships, 1st Place
Currently the APF National Champion
Currently holds the AAPF State Records in all categories for the OPEN and Submaster Divisions.
Currently holds the USPA State Multiply Records in all categories for the Open Division.

I have worked out with Mark for several years and have made huge improvements in my strength and agility.

Andrew S.

I love ASF. Since working with Mark, I am noticeably stronger and immensely proud of myself for keeping a consistent workout schedule.

Summer L.

It is a great private gym with a personal flare where Mark has managed to create an energetic, fun and positive environment.

Karen H.