Athlete of the Month


The most amazing things happen when you decide to invest in yourself. Step by step, you begin to feel all the wishes and dreams you had for your life come true. That’s what happens when you make yourself a priority; when you make time for yourself. How you spend that time is totally up to you. This month’s client features represent goals from all angles of our imagination. It doesn’t matter if you are running a 10K, prepping for a basketball game, or learning a new fitness habit; what matters is that you made time for yourself. Read more about Yuki and Aya, and Liz’s successes and get inspired for the New Year!


“Yuki was one of my very first clients and Aya joined him a few years ago. As a pair they push each other to do better and watching them cheer each other on is a pleasure. Both of them have taken on their own fitness goals with vigor, Yuki is working on his athleticism to play basketball and Aya runs in excess of 10k regularly. I am constantly impressed by their ambition.” from their long-time personal trainer, KT Stemper.


“Liz came in wanting to improve her strength and endurance in her legs. In just the span of a month she’s been able to drastically improve both thanks to her willingness to push herself in every workout and concentrate on properly executing every rep. She is an incredibly hard worker and a great person to be around. I can’t wait to see what she can accomplish in 2021!” from Liz’s personal trainer, John Coffredi