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Trammell Weilnau

Name: Trammell Weilnau

Hometown: Monroe, Michigan

When and why did you come to Austin?
I went to Texas State for college and after I graduated in 2017, I decided to stay in the Central Texas area.

What is your background? How did you get into personal training?
I have been an athlete my whole life. I played football, baseball, basketball and ran track all through high school. Having grown up around sports, I have a passion for fitness and wanted to pursue a career in this field. 

Tell us about your current fitness goals and training:
I currently play football for the Leander Wolfpack, so I keep my training based around athletic performance – lots of sprints, agility drills, jumps and then weight lifting for strength and power. 

What is the most common fitness myth you work through with your clients?
That you do not have to run to do cardio. There are other options out there like riding a bike, rowing and everyone’s favorite, sled pushes! 

What do you want your clients to take away from each training session with you?
I want my clients to feel accomplished after every session with me. I want them to feel like they have done something to get them closer to their goals. 

What sets you apart from other fitness professionals? 
My attitude. No matter what time of day it is, I’m always trying to brighten the room by the laughing and smiling. Working out is hard but it can also be fun.

What is your favorite thing about Austin Simply Fit? 
The people I work with. We may all be colleagues but we are also friends and really enjoy each other.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?
It is mostly definitely Superman. He can do it all. He doesn’t have just one power like most superheroes, he has multiple.