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Quintin Hinojosa
FiTour Certified Personal Trainer

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

When and why did you come to Austin?
I moved up to Austin in June of 2022 to find new experiences and opportunities. I had lived in San Antonio my whole life and wanted to make a change and move just a few miles to this fast paced city. I initially came to Austin to teach music, which I still do, however my passion for fitness and teaching pushed me to pursue a Personal Training Certification. Now I get to do what I love everyday.

What is your background? How did you get into personal training?
I used to be extremely overweight for the entirety of my childhood and teenage years. When I was 19 years old I was at the point of no return. My doctor told me I’d have a heart attack by the age of 35. What a wake up call. So from that day forward I told myself I needed to prioritize my health. After losing 75 pounds through diet and exercise, I fell in love with this newfound lifestyle. Since my transformation, I have taken friends and family to the gym, helped others in similar situations such as mine, and have championed the people around me every step of the way. It dawned on me that this feeling of fulfillment was a sign. I get so much joy seeing others fall in love with fitness, that I decided to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer. I want to show others that they can do it, too.

Tell us about your current fitness goals and training.
I have trained for everything under the sun. Athleticism, obstacle course racing (Spartan), bodybuilding, kickboxing, distance running, a valiant attempt at Olympic Weightlifting, calisthenics and many others. But my one true love is Powerlifting. There is just something cathartic about lifting a heavy object off the ground. Squat, bench, and deadlift will forever be my favorite workouts. But I think it is important to keep things fresh and diversify training, not only to be a better athlete, but to be a better trainer.

What is the most common fitness myth you work through with your clients?
Oh my goodness. There are too many to count. But I think the biggest one is the idea that an individual has to push themself to be in the gym for three hours a day at max effort to see results. I used to think that way when I first started working out because I wanted results ASAP. But after learning more about anatomy and kinesiology, I found that I was actually hurting more than helping. With the right programming and progression structure, anyone can see results.

What do you want your clients to take away from each training session with you?
My number one goal is to provide my clients with the tools they need to live a healthy and balanced life, but I want them to know that it is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be roadblocks. Nobody is perfect. Having a healthy relationship with fitness doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life! I love a good burger and fries. If a big sports event is on or I’m at a family function, I don’t feel guilty drinking a beer or two. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. But by having a fitness routine, we can enjoy life how we want and still reach our goals. It takes time to find that balance, but then it just becomes a lifestyle.

What sets you apart from other fitness professionals?
I’ve been in so many shoes. I’ve had issues with my health, a negative view of diet and exercise, and I was made fun of as a kid for my size. I’ve walked into a gym not knowing what to do, or how to even start. I’ve had frustrations in my recent fitness progression with numbers I wish I could hit, injuries, you name it. So when someone comes to me looking for guidance, there’s a good chance that I can empathize with what they are going through. I want to train because I want to see others achieve their goals and be the best they can be because I’ve been there. I don’t train because it is just something to do, I train because I love it and I care about my clients.

What is your favorite thing about Austin Simply Fit?
My favorite thing about Simply Fit is the community. There are a ton of gyms that only care about the bottom line and get away with the bare minimum. At ASF, we are all in it together, clients and trainers, trying to better ourselves each day. It’s like an episode of Cheers, but with a lot more grunting.

Favorite quote and who said it? 
George Carlin once said, “Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.” It’s what I tell myself after a hard day. Fun Fact: George Carlin and I also share a birthday.

Who is your hero and why?
My dad. He is the most compassionate, intelligent and kindest man I’ve ever known. Growing up he worked endlessly to give my family a good life and still does to this day. His life was not easy, but he built a name for himself, and I hope to do the same. 


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Austin Simply Fit is a great gym for training with a personal fitness coach. The building is clean, the equipment is always in good shape, and everyone is super friendly. My trainer is Quintin Hinojosa and he’s super awesome! He knows good technique is patient with my training.

Diego Guerra