Brendan Morr


Bronx, New York

Hey Bro. Everyone knows you for your passion and high energy. What’s it like training with you?
I tend to lean toward strength and conditioning via barbell movements but in order to achieve that, I believe proper progression from bodyweight and dumbbells is key. I am a big advocate of basic movements such as the squat, or deadlift, and believe these will reshape and mold fitness for any individual, regardless of what level they start from.

You spend all day helping others become fitter. What are your personal fitness goals?
I grew up overweight, due to eating too few meals, and snacking uncontrollably on junk food. When I first came to Austin, I realized I no longer wanted to be small and weak, and that is my milestone that I am still in the process of achieving, which is absolute strength and power.

Anyone can see you love what you do. How did you get started?
I love my job and the people I surround myself with, because the act of seeing someone strive to be better and helping them reach that goal, has to be the biggest thrill of my life. Motivating, coaching, and being a part of someone’s structure toward fitness is my drive, my passion. I train to increase strength in everyone around me, build them up, and make them better through form critique, demanding more every time. I can see the potential in people, and its my goal to get that out of them, by getting them to their goal optimally.

What is your sports background?
Varsity soccer, football, track, and basketball; currently training as a competitive powerlifter.

Where in Austin can we typically find you?
I love playing basketball all over town. I literally rode my bike around town, from court to court, and love the challenge of playing new people.

Do you ever sit still?
I spend my time watching new movies that come out in theaters. I also love to bowl and play pool in my spare time.

Brendan’s Certifications:
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Brendan builds strength and conditioning through barbell movements, with proper progression beginning with body weight and dumbbells. An advocate of basic movements such as the squat and deadlift, Brendan believes these lifts will reshape and mold fitness for any individual, regardless of what level they start from.