Simply Fit Games: Trainer Edition Recap!

Our trainers brought their best at our second annual Simply Fit Games: Trainer Edition!

We love the fire competition brings out in us! Challenging each other keeps us growing. And since we’ve had a chance to go through the experience ourselves, we’re so ready to coach you through a successful Games on September 30th!

In our second year, we have made some refinements to the Simply Fit Games. Our new format includes six events, each chosen to highlight a specific strength. Athletes will rest a full 3 minutes between each event, so they can perform each challenge at their best. This rewards strength, skills and conditioning, not just overall endurance. We all benefited from this update, and we think you’ll like it, too.

This year, Sierra Nevels took home the top spot for the women, while Eric Brooks made his debut as champion for the men. Sierra’s impressive vertical jump of 25.6” and her aerobic and anaerobic power on the Assault Bike and the Versa Climber took her to the top. Eric had the heaviest trap bar deadlift at 455 lbs for three reps, and he also placed first in the Versa Climber!

All of our trainers put up impressive numbers in the individual events, with each person placing in the top 3 in at least one challenge. Future Olympian Darryl Payne had a 40.4” vertical jump, Niamh McWalter deadlifted 350 lbs for three reps (an all-time PR for her!), and Krista Bergeron destroyed the competition with a :63.61 flexed arm hang.

Top 3 Men

Eric Brooks, 23 points
Darryl Payne, Jr., 22 points
Matt Webb, 19 points

Top 3 Women

Sierra Nevels, 24 points
Krista Bergeron, 16 points
Niamh McWalter, 13 points

If you’re on the fence about participating, ask your trainer about their experience! We assure you this will be a fun and rewarding challenge that will have lasting effects on your training. Put yourself out there, set some new benchmarks, get an awesome workout, and have a blast doing it!

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