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The Challenge:

Competitors will lift the maximum amount of weight possible for three consecutive reps using the Trap Bar.

  • Up to 2 attempts
  • Each rep must be fully locked out at the top
  • Each rep must return to a dead stop
  • Hands must stay on the bar between reps
  • Straps are not permitted
  • Failure to get 3 reps = no lift
  • Points awarded to athlete who lifts the most weight for 3 reps

The Why:

The Trap Bar deadlift is a foundational test of strength. Building sufficient tension in your body to be able to pull a heavy load off the floor from a dead stop requires you to produce an incredible amount of force. We have chosen a 3RM for this challenge because it is a safer option for the athlete – although this is not true 1RM, this will give us a close gauge on what it would be. 

The Work:

The Trap Bar works so much of your body – grip strength, upper back, lats, erectors, glutes, hamstrings, quads and core. To do well at this challenge, build strength in those muscles and incorporate plenty of squats and deadlifts into your training routine. 

We Recommend:

  • Squats 
  • Deadlifts
  • Direct Trunk Work 

Athletes who will have a competitive advantage in this event:

  • Powerlifters
  • Olympic lifters
  • Strongman competitors
  • Football players
  • Rugby players
  • Track & Field power athletes

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