Oriana Carrasco

Sports and fitness have been part of Oriana’s life since she was a child, playing on the field and with her friends getting fitness experience through tennis, cycling, running, flamenco dancing, kickboxing, and weightlifting. In her past, Oriana’s career was much more sedentary and she always found herself competing to keep balance between a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle. When Oriana committed to making health and fitness her priority she was in the gym at least 3 times a week and slowly began to recognize how fitness can change people, holistically. “From the physicality, to the mentality, and emotionally fitness is more than training for looks,” Oriana said. “It’s getting you ready for the future; for everything life throws at you and helps you manage the stress and maintain clear mental focus.” Over the past two years Oriana has helped clients achieve varying goals, including: gaining strength, loosing weight, recovery and functional mobility, and incorporating new habits into a healthy lifestyle. She has also worked with professional athletes to build their functional mobility and recovery practices. Most recently, Oriana received her orthopedic fitness specialist certification from the American Council of Exercise. In addition to personal training, Oriana is yoga teacher with more than a decade of practice in her knowledge base. Oriana can train clients in both English and Spanish languages.