Melissa Sledge

Melissa is a weight loss success story turned fitness professional. Although a former athlete, years of unhealthy eating eventually caught up with her, resulting in a 50 pound weight gain.  Determined to make a change, Melissa gave up the foods she thought she could never give up, pizza and French fries, for 90 days. To her surprise, she lost 10 pounds, and decided to continue to experiment with her diet.  This decision would prove to be life and career changing.

After sharing her success story in the 2016 Spring issue of Shape Magazine, Melissa obtained her certification in personal training, along with specializations is behavior change and weight management. Because of her personal experiences with sustainable weight loss, Melissa believes that nutrition and behavior change are foundational components to maintaining weight loss success.  As a lifelong golfer, Melissa is a TPI Level One Fitness Professional. This expertise allows her to perform physical assessments, and design workouts to help improve deficiencies that impact golf performance.

Outside of the gym, Melissa is passionate about food access and health equity. Her civic engagement is focused on working with organizations dedicated to health promotion and education. Melissa serves on the Wheatsville Board of Directors and the Diversity Committee of Urban Roots Farm ATX.