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The Challenge:

Competitors will throw a Dynamax medicine ball for maximum distance from a seated position.

  • Up to 3 attempts
  • Medicine ball is 14” diameter and weighs 6 lbs.
  • Athletes will be seated on the ground with their back against the wall, legs fully extended and spread wide.
  • Back must remain against the wall throughout the attempt.
  • Points awarded to athlete with the longest throw (measured at point of impact).

The Why:

This is a test of upper body power. You want to be able to express your upper body strength as quickly as possible.

We love the versatility of Dynamax medicine balls. They were designed to be strong enough to endure high impact use, while being soft to avoid injury. Use them in your training for all kinds of throws, slams, and dynamic core work. 

The Work:

Build your upper body strength to unlock your power potential. Improving your rate of force development and strength will help you power the medicine ball across the room. With your back against the wall, you can’t rely as much on your core power. Build your upper body and work on your strength and technique in the seated chest throw.

Build your upper body strength with:

  • Push ups
  • Bench press 
    • Dumbbell or barbell
  • Chest press
  • Dips
  • Tricep extensions

Build your explosive power with:

  • Dynamic Effort or Speed Bench  
    • You can do this with bands or chains if applicable 
  • Dynamic Effort or Speed Bench with straight weight
    • Aim to move the bar as fast as possible 
  • Upper Body Plyometrics
  • Med Ball Throws 

Athletes who will have a competitive advantage in this event:

  • Football players
  • Track & Field throwers
  • Strongman competitors
  • Highland games competitors
  • Heavyweight combat sport athletes

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Awesome gym with great facilities and a low key atmosphere. Jackie Tey has been a fantastic trainer and has helped me get back into weight training after many years out of the gym. Very positive energy, deep knowledge of technique, and a great motivator.

– Chase Heard

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