Athlete of the Month


Jeremy and Coach Becki have been working together for the better part of 3 years! Coach Becki said this about Jeremy and their time together…

“Jeremy is the epitome of a well-rounded athlete. He started at ASF in October of 2015 with the goals of getting stronger, changing his body composition, and improving his shoulder and upper back strength and mobility.

Over the years, we have steadily addressed structural issues while building Jeremy’s overall strength and mass. Jeremy consistently sets definitive, attainable strength and mobility goals and meets every one of them. We joke that as soon as we fix one broken part we find a new one, but the truth is the parts we fix stay fixed, due to Jeremy’s understanding of his own body and targeted mobility work.

Jeremy also lives a great example of a super-fit but realistic lifestyle. Even while paying close attention to his nutrition to get his body fat down, he knows when to relax and let himself have fun with family and friends. He makes his three sessions a week at ASF and his running a priority, and it shows – he has consistently lost body fat while gaining muscle, beaten his goal of benching his body weight, and mastered pull-ups (without pain!).

I love training Jeremy and I can’t wait to see where he goes with his fitness. He recently got his wife, Alex, on board, and they have started training together once a week. Cheers to this awesome Athlete of the Month!” Read more about Jeremy’s ASF experience here.



Coach Sierra has nominated Elaine for Athlete of the Month, Central because she’s always on the grind! She runs a minimum 6 miles a day and still comes in 3 time a week to strength train to enhance her running performance and reduce any chance of overuse injury.  As a teacher for both preschoolers and older adults – teaching fall prevention and caregiving classes – Elaine keep her health, fitness, and strength a priority to keep up with all of her students.

Elaine spent time sharing her ASF experience with us. Learn about it here.



Adria originally started training with Coach Jen at in July 2018 and worked with Coach Lindsey while Jen was out on maternity leave. She’s been an amazing client and friend since she walked in the doors, and is always putting in more than in asked of her.
“Adria has the most positive, can-do attitude every single time she steps into the gym. She arrives early, does her warm-up, and gives 100% during her training. She pays close attention to her form and takes care to perform the movements correctly.  She’s always smiling and spreads positive vibes everywhere she goes,” said Coach Lindsey.
Adria shared details about her ASF experience with us last week. Read about it here.