Trainers’ Simply Fit Games Recap!

We had an absolute blast at our first ever Trainers’ Simply Fit Games! We always try to “Bring It” in everything we do, and we get inspired by seeing each other in action.

When we began devising the first annual Simply Fit Games for our clients (to be held on October 1, 2022!), we knew we wanted our trainers to experience the competition first. Not only is friendly, productive competition part of our way of life around here, we also wanted our trainers to be able to coach their clients to success in the client games! 

The Games are designed to have something for everyone – for strength athletes, we have a max Hex bar squat, for the nimble we have lateral jumps and jump rope, and for endurance athletes we have max push-ups in a minute and a sled push-pull. Each athlete must complete the 10 events in an hour, in whatever order they want. The trick is knowing your strengths and allotting your rest time wisely. 

Our trainers really are a team, and like all our events, the vibe was competitive, yet supportive. We saw some impressive numbers – Nick Murillo Deluz got 52 push-ups in one minute, Darryl Payne, Jr. squatted 565 lbs on the Hex bar, and Niamh McWalter pushed and pulled the sled 178’ in one minute.

Our winners – Krista Bergeron for the women, and John Cioffredi for the men – crushed the competition with 34 push-ups and 16 pull-ups for Krista, and a 5:00 jump rope for John!

Now it’s your turn! The first annual Simply Fit Games (for clients!) will take place on October 1, 2022 at our Central Studio. For all the details, check out our EventBrite here. 

Your trainer has probably already started working some of these movements into your programming, and with six weeks to go, you have plenty of time to train to win! We can’t wait to see what you bring to the competition!