Celebrating Krista and 12 Years of ASF!


This month, we are honoring our fierce and fearless leader, Krista Bergeron. If you train at Central, you know her and the energy she radiates toward everyone around her. As she celebrates her own birthday this month, we want to shout her praises from the rooftops for all the good she brings to our community!

Austin Simply Fit is celebrating our 12th year in business this May, and we are proud to announce that Krista is now the sole owner of ASF. She has led us with grace, optimism, and innovation through the good times and the bad, and we are so excited to see how we continue to grow under her leadership. 

We are not the only ones to recognize the wonder that is Krista – she has recently been announced as a finalist for the Austin Woman’s Way Business Awards. This award recognizes women in business who are “challenging outdated structures, envisioning new models, and laying the foundations for an inclusive, authentically expressed and innovative city.” This is exactly who Krista is and what she has been doing with ASF.

From the beginning, Krista has envisioned a people-first business model, one that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of all – clients, staff, and the broader Austin community. From providing trainers with health insurance to creating a Scholarship Fund for student athletes, Krista invests her success back into her community. 

We love you, Krista!

Krista shared her thoughts on the occasion:

Wow, 12 years. In some respects, it feels like yesterday we started this journey, while in other ways it feels like that was a lifetime ago. Much like the Austin skyline, ASF has grown and changed so much. 

In this time, I’ve raised my kids through preschool on to high school graduation this year. When I think of all the sacrifices my family made for me to pursue my passion, I am grateful for their love and support. I also reflect on all the amazing coaches that individually taught me so many lessons about training, leading and myself. Lastly, I think of all the clients who make up this community. I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many fascinating people and share this space we all consider another home. 

I continue to be humbled by my position to affect people in my community in a positive way. Cheers to more years of this community.

With love and gratitude, Krista