Athlete of the Month


Payton Bergeron is this month’s featured Sports Performance athlete!

Payton Bergeron is coming into his own! While he has basically grown up at ASF (he’s the son of ASF owner Krista Bergeron), since training with Sierra Nevels, he’s taken his athleticism to the next level. He plays football for McCallum High School, and he knows his lifting significantly affects his performance on the field. He recently set a huge PR on bench of 315 lbs (three plates!), and then one week later beat that by benching 325.

Sierra says of Payton:

“I chose Payton as my Athlete of the Month, because he’s one of the most determined athletes I coach. Actually, he is the most determined, almost to the point where he gets in his own way. But that’s okay at this age, I feel he can learn from that and become an even better person and athlete as he grows.

He’s dedicated, intuitive, driven, and has a tremendous work ethic. Payton is a great student athlete and he always strives to be his best and always tries to give 100% for his coaches.”

We asked Payton a few questions about his experience training at ASF:

In what ways has your athletic performance or physique improved? Although I have not prioritized my physique over performance and strength, I have seen big changes in both. I have definitely seen significant strength gains over the last few years of consistently training with Sierra at ASF, and I am proud of the technique I’ve developed with Sierra’s help.

What motivates you to keep training? Seeing the progress that I’ve made over the years feels really good. I feel like some of my teammates at McCallum recognize my lifting, both technique and strength, and it feels great to be strong. I know training will significantly help my power and performance in football this coming season. I am also motivated by trying to beat records at my school for lifting and possibly compete in a powerlifting meet in 2021.

Sierra has guided me through all of this, demanding precision in everything we do. Sierra doesn’t let you take shortcuts, and makes sure all the little things are perfected before you move on to lifting anything. She has helped me learn how to lift properly and gotten me a lot stronger. Plus I just love being at ASF, my second home.

What are your plans for the future? Try to improve my performance for my final football season at McCallum. After the football season I want to start lifting with a little more emphasis on physique along with strength. I also may do my first powerlifting meet.

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