Written by Kristal Espitia

The snow has melted and sun is shining here in Austin, which can only mean one thing – spring break is right around the corner! I know some of us may be a little scarred from the last time school let out for break in March 2020, as no one could have ever expected our world to change so drastically so quickly. Here’s hoping for a week long of more trips and out of town activities than last year (socially distant, of course)!

As humans, we are grounded in consistency and routine, and when out of routine it can be very difficult to focus on health and fitness goals. This is where established healthy habits come into play! Although spring break travel is sure to look significantly different this year, it’s possible to stay on track with fitness goals while also enjoying some time away.

Here are some of our tips for staying on track with your health goals while traveling or simply just out of your routine:

  • Make 1% better choices – Life is all about balance, so do what you can, where you are, with what you have. In general, establishing lifelong healthy habits comes down to the compounding effects of imperfect consistency. While traveling or out of routine, make choices that will align with your health goals such as prioritizing protein at meals, walking instead of driving when possible, and planning physical activities like hikes or walking tours.
  • Plan ahead – Putting in a little bit of planning prior to traveling can make a huge impact to staying on track. Choose lodging that has a kitchen/kitchenette, plan a few easy meals for breakfast or dinner, and go grocery shopping upon arrival (bonus tip: bring a small, versatile appliance like a mini waffle maker!).
  • Stick to keystone habits as much as possible – Greatness comes from the choices we make every single day, so do your best to get your steps in, hit your water goal, choose veggies, and intentionally move your body every day. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but again, consistency compounds.
  • Be gentle with yourself – Workouts and food choices may not be flawless, but time off is supposed to be enjoyed. Stick to being 1% better each day, choose healthier options, and feed your soul as needed. You can pick up right where you left off after some rest and relaxation – your goals will be there upon return.

When traveling or out of routine, it’s important to remember what the primary objective is (rest and relaxation) and fitness goals come second to that. Do what you can with what you have – stick to your healthy habits as much as possible, plan a little in advance, make 1% better choices, and most importantly be gentle with yourself. Need help with your health and fitness goals? Schedule a complimentary consultation and first personal training session!

Use that handy mini waffle maker to get your days started with these delicious, nutritious recipes!