Identifying Your True Goals

By John Cioffredi

As with any goal in life, fitness goals require patience and perspective. Oftentimes I will have a client who tells me they want to lose 20 pounds of fat, or put on 10 pounds of muscle, and my response is usually, “That’s great! We can make that happen, but can you tell me a little bit more about why this goal is important to you?”

For some, it’s a very personal answer that requires courage and vulnerability to voice out loud. They want to lose weight to look good for their significant other, or to put on muscle to gain the self-confidence that’s always eluded them. For others, their goals may reflect a desire to move better, feel healthier, and have enough energy to play with their kids. Whatever the motivation is behind the number, it’s important to understand that is the true goal, and that the number we may attach to it, while at times a useful marker of progress, does not reflect whether or not we’ve achieved our true goals of being happy with who we are and how we look. 

Whether we surpass our weight loss goal or find that we feel our best just a few pounds above it is a minor detail if we are at a healthy weight and feel comfortable and confident in our own skin. At the end of the day numbers are just numbers, they do not define our success or failure, and they certainly do not reflect our value or worth as human beings.

So when you sit down with me at ASF you can expect to set measurable goals, and you can expect to see results. But also expect to discuss the journey of health and fitness, and to examine what your goals are and why you want to achieve them, because I am committed to helping you achieve your ideal state of body AND mind.