Coach DJ’s Memorial Bench-A-Thon


We are thrilled to announce our third annual Coach DJ’s Memorial Bench-A-Thon! 

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This virtual event will honor the memory of our beloved Coach DJ Cedent, who passed in 2019. Proceeds will benefit Austin Simply Fit’s Student Athlete Scholarship Fund, to be given to select AISD student athletes entering college in the fall. 

DJ was not only an exceptional personal trainer, he also spent his time coaching the Leander Wolfpack alongside Mark Rogers. Everyone who knew him felt his enormous energy and passion not only for fitness, but for his community. He was a teammate in every sense of the word – supportive, encouraging, a teacher, a student. He was fearless in his fight against sickle cell disease, refusing its limitations and always training with passion and intensity.

We know Coach DJ would be pleased to see his legacy at ASF encouraging others to train to their full potential, and supporting rising student athletes in their future endeavors.

This year, the bench-a-thon will be fully virtual! Participants will film themselves completing their best one rep max bench press and submit via email.

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Participants / Donors

  • $20 minimum donation to enter 
  • You must submit a video of you successfully attempting the lift to the following standards: 
    • Bar must clearly touch your chest
    • Video must show all plates loaded on the bar to ensure accuracy
    • Video must be submitted between 4/25 (12:01 AM) and 5/1 (11:59 PM) 
    • Submit your attempt video here
  • Divisions:
    • Children (12 and under)
    • Youth (13-17 boys, girls, nonbinary)
    • Young Adult (18-29 men, women, nonbinary)
    • Adult (30+ men, women, nonbinary)
    • Max push ups: for those without access to a bench (men, women, nonbinary) 
  • We will share some or all submitted videos on ASF’s social media channels 
  • Help us spread the word and raise more funds for this great cause:
    • Share your video on social media and use the hashtag #DJBenchathon
    • Challenge 3 friends to compete

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