Athlete of the Month

Athletes of the Month – January 2018

Joana, Carmen, and Rasha all train together, 2-3 times a week with Coach John in our South Lamar and Central Austin studios. They have been named athlete of the month because not only do they train together, they also work together; and because they spend so much time together they have become the best-of accountabilibuddies, and it shows. Recently, they committed to eating healthier as part of a total body program they are working on with John, and it’s made a difference.  Their confidence is through the roof, they’ve burned fat – each of them losing 2 inches around their waists – and they significantly increased their muscle mass and strength. We love when these three are in the gym! At the end of every workout, you can tell they gave it their all. We were able to connect with Carmen, 28, and, Rasha 29, year old  about their Austin Simply Fit experience, here’s why they love training as ASF and especially with John.


Shane Sutton is a 40 year old father and IT guru – which means he sits at a desk all day. He realized that he hadn’t had a good workout for almost 6 years and was starting to feel it. Now, Shane is the client many trainers dream about; he never misses a session, completes his extra workouts on his own, and is always up for a new challenge. He’s been applying dedication to his health and fitness with Coach Theo almost a full year now. “His work ethic is extremely impressive.” said his trainer, Theo. “And he does it all to keep up with 2 young daughters at home. He really blows me away.” Since joining Austin Simply Fit, Shane has built nearly  20 lbs of muscle, proving consistency is key no matter what your goals. Here’s Shane’s interview with Austin Simply Fit about why he’s here and why keeps going.


Peter has been nominated as ASF Athlete of the Month Leander by his coach, Jen. She selected him for this honor because he always gives 100%, every time he shows up. “He is dedicated to his training each week,” said Jen. “He has made a huge improvement since he began. He’s not in pain any longer and has reduced his blood pressure and cholesterol.”