What an incredibly wild month August has been. The heat heat has been oppressive with so many triple digits days (Thanks, Texas) which makes it hard to get anything done. Even in the early morning, it’s humid and sticky. Which makes staying inside and remaining cool, which usually means fitness is less of a priority.

We don’t blame you. Who wants to touch that steering wheel after it’s been beaten by the sun all day anyway? We don’t. Yet, we do. And so do these three clients who have received that ASF Athlete of the Month award for this past August 2017. Each individual highlighted below has made the commitment to make their health and fitness a priority. While their reasons and goals are different, their commitment remains steadfast in becoming the “BEST YOU” they can be.

Oscar is the ideal client. He came to ASF at the beginning of summer needing to change his lifestyle around due to his high blood sugar. He has a very physically demanding lifestyle, but outside of his job and taking care of his horses, he wasn’t very active. Since he started, he has never missed a session and works his butt off every time he comes in. Not only that, but he does everything his trainer asks of him outside of the gym, too. He has changed his diet by adding more vegetables, keeping up with water intake, and getting in the proper amount of protein to support his gains (aka. muscles).

He also dedicates time to cardio to supplement his weight training we do by doing at least three 30 minute interval sessions on his elliptical a week. He improves every session, both in strength and conditioning.

His trainer Amanda said, “All of his hard work really show, he has lost over 20lbs since starting at ASF in late May. He is starting to fit in clothes that he has never been able to before and his confidence radiates when he talks about how much better he feels. Every time I work with him and I reminded of how lucky I am to be a trainer, and especially his trainer. Clients like Oscar are the reason I chose this career path.”

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Eddie Russ has been with ASF since the beginning, that’s 7 years! And this month, his trainer Krista has named him Athlete of the Month for ASF Central for his commitment to his health and to Austin Simply Fit.

Eddie has been not only a consistent client but a big part of the ASF community through his continued support. He always brings brings a ball of good energy in the door with him. It has been my pleasure as his friend and trainer to be part of this journey.

Krista said, “I appreciate the way he has made his training part of his lifestyle and has continued to benefit from taking the time from being a business owner, father, coach and husband to take take care of himself as well.”

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Reva has been nominated for Athlete of the Month by her trainers Mark and Lucas because she brings her A-game to every training session. Since joining Austin Simply Fit in May 2017 she has lost 4% body fat, gained 6 lbs of muscle and lost 5lbs of body fat. (How cool is that?)

Lucas told us, “In a very short time, Riva mastered body weight movement which allowed us to progress quickly toward her goal of barbell movements with squats and deadlifts.”

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