Trammell Weilnau

Hometown: Born in Monroe, Michigan and moved to Houston, Texas at a young age.

Training Style: As a semi-professional football player, Trammell’s training style leans more towards sports performance and overall athletic development. Trammell loves to compete and wants to train at a high intensity as long as possible.

Why personal training?: “I want to help people reach their goals and aspirations. Whether that’s with regular fitness goals or competing in sport at any level. I want to share all the knowledge I’ve gained over time to show people they can accomplish anything with hard work and consistency,” Trammell told us.

Fitness Background: I was that kid that played every sport at a young age just so I could be outside. After playing soccer, baseball, basketball, running track and playing football through middle school and part of high school I decided to focus more on one,” Trammell told us about his athletic background. “Now I’m just trying to better myself in football and see if I can continue to get to the next level and kind of go from there.”

Education and Certifications:

  • Bachelors Degree in Health and Fitness Management from Texas State University
  • Minor in Business Administration from Texas State University
  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer