Krista Bergeron

TRAINING WITH Krista Bergeron:
Krista draws her training style from many elements of sports and fitness, but the foundation of her training is built on strength and conditioning. There are no secrets… results come from consistent, well programmed HARD WORK.

Krista’s Certifications:
AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

Austin Simply Fit is a supportive, motivational environment to work out in. It’s comprised of all trainers and clients so it’s seriously down to business, and still completely lighthearted – it’s a gym that feels warm, like family.

Jennifer C.

It is a pleasure to have someone to listen to my long list of physical issues and be able to push me further than I may have pushed myself-but not into pain.

Michelle W.

The atmosphere at Austin Simply Fit is comfortable and fun. I cherish my time with Krista - it’s MY time and I’m getting my rockin body back!

Jessica G.