Theo Lusardi

Theo Lusardi has nearly a decade of experience helping people stay committed to their goals through health and fitness, A former Division 1 dual athlete – football & track and field -Theo experienced two major injuries and gained over 60lbs during recovery. Not being able to perform to his best, Theo found himself overweight, unmotivated and unhappy. Realizing this was not the path he wanted for his life, he picked himself up and started his own training to lose fat. The results of his work were not what he had expected as he found himself lacking muscle and walking around “skinny fat”. Curiosity piqued his interest and he found strength training and then personal training which lead to his passion for kettlebell training. He believes in the functional aspect, versatility and efficiency of kettlebells offer. Theo’s goal is continue to teach trainers and clients alike on how to properly use and maximize the potential of the Kettlebell.