Eric Nayden
“When the going get’s tough, that is a positive signal to keep charging.”
Hometown:  Wilton, CT
Training Style:  
I have been training as a Powerlifter for 3.5 years at ASF and that knowledge and experience translates into how I train my clients.  I consider myself a technical lifter and spend a lot of time on technique with clients.  The goal is to keep training sessions fun with a variety of challenges including strength, conditioning, and mobility.
Why Personal Training?:
Having anyone in your corner actively helping you achieve a goal can make a huge difference.  Having someone in the gym that can teach you the correct form, technique, and exercise programming for a lifetime of lifting can be invaluable.  I try to teach my clients to believe in lifting for a better life.
Pledge to make the Change.
I know personally that Behavioral Change (the series of little changes we have to make to achieve a big one) can be difficult, and in some cases seem impossible.  It seems strange to say that I feel better going on 33 than I did at 23, but it’s thanks to good nutrition, quality sleep patterns, and training…..constantly.
Sports and Fitness Background.
I played almost every team sport (and a few individual ones) growing up.  My favorites were baseball and ice hockey where I played catcher and goalie respectively.  After a hiatus from sports (and fitness) while attending a music conservatory I found my way back into sport through Powerlifting.
Favorite Things to do in Austin.
Did I mention I studied music.  Love being in a city where so many genres are represented.  I am a Metalhead first and will plug Come and Take It Productions right here(as a fan).  Add to that the never ending stream of events and conventions I find the difficulty is planning down time.
How do you spend you time out of the gym?
Been performing music for 25+ years, just something else I’m always working on.  I read a lot of books, and watch a lot of movies.  Still try to feed my adrenaline junkie side with fun outdoor activities and machines that go fast (including roller coasters).