Athlete of the Month



December’s featured athletes find a lot of fun and enjoyment in their training, in spite of how hard it can be. Paul Kitchin and Krystel Rae Davis came to Austin Simply Fit because they wanted to get stronger and feel good, and they show up for themselves each and every time the enter the gym. Hard work + a positive attitude = limitless potential!

Congrats to Paul and Krystel, keep up the good work!

ASF Central: Paul Kitchin

From Paul’s trainer, Dan Behnfeldt:

I chose Paul for Athlete of the Month because of his dedication to the process of building strength. He has really enjoyed relearning how to squat and deadlift with proper technique. Paul always comes in with a great attitude ready to attack his training session every day. His strength has improved dramatically over the last few months. Most recently, he hit a new squat PR of 230 for 3 reps, and deadlifted 255 for 3 reps. I am excited to see where Paul goes in his journey for strength!


Here’s what Paul told us about his experience:

What do you enjoy most about training with your trainer? I love that for 30 minutes each session, I have the opportunity to not worry about my family and my work. For 30 minutes, I get to be selfish and focus on myself and getting stronger. My trainer Dan tells me to lift something, and I lift it. And I feel great!

What have you been most proud of since you started training? I am most proud of being consistent about showing up each session on time and ready to work. I also really enjoy squats/deadlifts and I feel much stronger on these lifts.

What are you looking forward to? I have some weakness in my right shoulder Dan has been working on exercises to strengthen it. I’m looking forward to seeing my progress in the months to come and how it gets stronger.


ASF South: Krystel Rae Davis

From Krystel’s trainer, Nick Murillo Deluz:

Krystel is my go getter! She gives me her all no matter what! When we train it’s all about pushing through our limits, and I can guarantee Krystel will do that 100%! Since she started training, Krystel has been able to build her strength and increase her stamina and vitality. We have been working on the upper body, building a great foundation for her back, chest, and biceps. Krystel with no doubt is easy to guide with her great form. Overall, Krystel is very fun to work with and I always love her energy!!


Krystel answered a few questions about working with Nick:

What do you enjoy most about training with your trainer/at ASF? I never thought I’d actually enjoy getting up early to go to the gym but here we are. Walking into Austin Simply Fit, I just know I’m going to get in a good workout! Nick always has something new up his sleeve that’s challenging but encourages me to “fight that fire.” I leave feeling accomplished and energized for the day!

What have you been most proud of since you started training? I’ve been most proud of uncovering my strength. I started at Austin Simply Fit because I wasn’t feeling like myself and wanted to incorporate strength training into my workouts. Now not only do I feel strong physically but mentally.

What are you looking forward to? I’m looking forward to setting new goals and reaching them.



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