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Nick Murillo Deluz
SWC Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Nutritional Coach

Hometown: Killeen, TX

When and why did you come to Austin?
Came to Austin in 2006 because of the fitness atmosphere. 

What is your background? How did you get into personal training?
As a young boy my dad was in the military, and he would wake me up just as early as himself to do basic training (push ups, running, etc.). This is where it all began. In school I played sports such as track, basketball and football. During off seasons I would end up training my fellow teammates. All of this fueled my passion for fitness and personal training.  

Tell us about your current fitness goals and training.
I would like to get ready for a bodybuilding show. Currently just putting mass on, then cutting, while eating plant-based. I’m currently training four times a week, breaking down each body part head to toe. 

What is the most common fitness myth you work through with your clients?
“Machines are the safest way because you’re doing it right every time.” You don’t know exactly how much weight you’re pushing and how many reps you’re actually needing to do. Just because you’re on a machine doesn’t mean you are doing an exercise correctly and efficiently.

What do you want your clients to take away from each training session with you?
I want them to feel confident and to know that they’ve made great strides to reach their goals. That their goals are attainable and that patience is key. And that although they’re challenging their body, fitness can be rewarding and fun.

What sets you apart from other fitness professionals?
What sets me apart from other fitness professionals is that I look at every session like an extraordinary journey that we’re both going to take, and no matter what happens, we’ll make it to the end. Aside from always learning and evolving in fitness and nutrition, I’m always inspiring and motivating each one of my clients to be successful not only in their fitness goals, but in life.

What is your favorite thing about Austin Simply Fit?
I love the sense of community and support that Austin Simply Fit provides. They’re always lending a helping hand. 

Favorite quote? 
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!”

If you had a super power what would it be?
If I had a superpower it would be to multiply myself so I can be there for everyone.

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Nick Deluz is one of the few trainers I've met that truly cares about what you are trying to achieve. He goes above and beyond by giving meal plans and workouts that I can do outside of the sessions I have with him. I initially planned to just do a few sessions to get back into lifting but after seeing the value that Nick provides I'm going to continue working out with him for the foreseeable future.

Thomas West