Athlete of the Month



This month’s featured student athlete knows how to stay focused and get the work done. Madalyn sees the results of her training on the field, and she is motivated to continue to play at the highest levels. She has great things ahead of her!

Coach Sierra told us about why she chose Madalyn:

I’m choosing Strader as my athlete of the month because honestly she deserves it. There are very few athletes at this age who are always focused, focused on the task at hand, doing the little things consistently, always coming into the gym to get things done with no short cuts. Slim to none like Strader… the ones who don’t do a lot of talking and just work to be better.

Madalyn told us about training with Sierra:

In what ways has your athletic performance or physique improved? I have more power at the plate. Higher bat speed and exit velocity. I have more power in my arm which helps my throw. My muscles are more defined. 

What keeps you motivated to keep training with Sierra? It’s fun and you can get the work in. It’s not like there is always pressure but everyone’s there with a purpose.

What has Sierra taught you about lifting and nutrition to improve health and performance? Consistency is key in both. With nutrition it’s a daily commitment. You have to do things that keep your body healthy like drinking enough water and protein and eating regularly. It’s your responsibility, not hers, for nutrition outside of the weights. 

Technique is very important for lifting. You want to make sure you are doing things with the correct form and good intent to prevent injuries and build the right muscle group.

What are your plans for the future? I want to play college softball and compete at the highest level.

Current teams: Leander High School, Texas Blaze United 18u 


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