Enjoy Simplicity

I’m going to be honest with you. When COVID changed everything for us in Austin, I really didn’t know how to wrap my head around it. Getting used to what to do in life-changing circumstances is something I’m not fond of doing, but like everything else, I adapt.

The last time I felt something like this was 9-11, the blackouts in NYC, and blizzards that stopped the trains from working in the Bronx and made us travel another hour and a half through the snow to get to school. Throughout all of those, the uncertainty of the day was pretty much what was the most foreign to me. Walking up a 24 flight building to the 23rd floor with the lights off can be a challenge, but what was more of a challenge was what mentally came next. The assurance of the week being normal and the safety in that is something I took for granted, and now I have to move forward knowing that anything can and will happen, even though the reality is, it has always been that way.

I grappled with this the past few months by going on walks and embracing the outdoors more than I usually had in the past. I recommend it greatly at a time like this. Another really good practice to look into is meditating. The walks I’ve been taking alone seem to act in that fashion for me.

As this new normal takes hold of our lives, I implore everyone to take it day by day and to stay positive. Enjoy the simplicity of life. Waking up. Going outside. The calmness of nighttime or early morning. Stillness. Obviously, don’t become stagnant (and if you do that’s OK), but it’s all a process of being human. Be confident in knowing that we as humans are adaptable to any situation. It’s what helped us survive all this time and it’ll help you get through this time of uncertainty. Always forward. Always positive.