Athlete of the Month


Tate Donovan is a long time ASF client and friend. He’s been nominated by his personal trainer and Austin Simply Fit owner, Krista Bergeron. Here’s why…

“Tate and I have been training together for a couple of years now. When the pandemic hit and we were on lockdown, Tate did not hesitate to take advantage of our Zoom option. We made do, with bodyweight initially, then a mixture of bands, KB’s, and a few dumbbells. Tate continued to train as hard and consistently as he ever had in the gym. Sometimes he would mention that some of his zooms were the most challenging sessions he’s had. In past years when he returned to California over the summer, we would take a training break but Tate just kept on going with his regular schedule, throughout this entire ordeal. Not only is he an extremely hard worker, but he is also hilarious and shares my taste in extremely depressing documentaries. We are never at a loss for laughs or deep conversations about what is happening in our world, between sets. He will be returning to in-gym sessions soon! I’m so grateful for his dedication to his health and his commitment to training with ASF. 


Yoga Shah is Beckie Lough‘s nominee for Athlete of the Month this month. Here’s why…

“Yoga is on fire! Not letting the pandemic get in her way, she has taken her passion for fitness to a new level. In addition to her twice-weekly workouts with me on Zoom, she also does several solo strength and conditioning sessions I program for her. She is always asking to step up the intensity, always choosing to do “bonus” sets or reps. It has been so fun to see her get stronger and more fit while her enjoyment of movement has grown. She has made this passion a family affair, spending many evenings playing badminton with her husband. In her spare time, she loves to paddleboard and walk with her favorite pup. Yoga’s enthusiasm is infectious – I find myself channeling her energy when I need a boost in my own workouts! I can’t wait till we’re back in the gym so she can share her joy with the rest of the community.”