The ‘Credible, Edible Egg

I can go on and on about some eggs: how the WHOLE egg is nutritious, how eggshell color is irrelevant, how the flavor of the eggs depend largely on what the chicken eats (imagine a red pepper tasting egg), but probably the most important is the difference between the labeling we find in stores. This very brief discussion has the chicken coming before the egg though. Turns out they’re pretty well developed.

Dynamic and primal birds, these animals absolutely love to forage for their own food. That includes seeds, grass, insects, and worms too. Unless something stronger than a stomach ache invades their bodies, chickens innately know how to medicate themselves on various plants. Their young even get some amazing treatment from the way the mothers do everything they can to provide the perfect environment based on the wind, humidity, rain, and other factors. Nature is taking care of itself without our “help”!

Big business finds these birds to be pretty profitable considering they are the most consumed animal in the world…

They will do anything they can to get the most return on their money including stripping a chicken from everything it knows and stuffing them in factory cages on top of one another. Chickens aren’t stupid. They don’t want to be pooped on, they want to avoid disease, they know they need exercise and room to flap those wings.

Let’s let the chicken be a chicken. Our taste buds, bodies, and health will thank us for choosing the ones that roam free in the pasture.

Don’t be fooled by the hype. A cage-free bird might as well live its short life in a cage. These chickens don’t have any room to play, scratch, stretch, or even breathe!  Picture a big ole barn, with no windows, no true sunlight, oh but there is a fan for ventilation. These chickens are packed like sardines and are fed nothing but grains milled with drugs and additives. They get so big, so fast that they can’t even walk more than a few steps.
Free-Range comes from a bird that has the “ability to go outside.” That means farmers can put a chicken outside with fresh air, sun, and more walking room, but to actually go outside and do the things chickens genetically do, would require a lot of effort on the part of the chicken. Imagine having to scale a giant wall to have a little freedom and sun rubbing those hard to reach feathers, then the farmer comes and returns you to the flock. Still, it’s better than cage-free…I guess.
Pasture Raised
This is where the gold sits. All the flavor, the nutrients, the non-cancer causing eggs come from chickens that MUST do what it takes to survive on their own. They peck. forage, scratch, run, stretch, and lay quality eggs that are darker in yolk color, richer in flavor and assist in reversing diet related medical conditions we are so susceptible to. Just look at how happy that chicken is! And it’s not even organic (another scam I won’t go into)!
Pro Tip: Just because it’s local doesn’t mean it’s good.