Athlete of the Month


Maria is coming up on three years at Austin Simply Fit, working with KT Stemper. In the beginning, we think even she would tell you that working out wasn’t her cup of tea. But Maria persevered, she focused on her goals and the vision for her future and just this month she brought her son in as a training partner! It seems, she might not hate working out entirely anymore! We are grateful for Maria’s constant energy and enthusiasm that she brings to each workout, without fail!




Mary and Clark are #couplegoals. They have been working out with Chelsea Futterman for about 4 years now. They started doing privates and now they come in together twice a week. They come from a very fit background, but with the demands of work, life & just getting older, they are determined to stay active and they certainly do! Mary & Clark are incredibly dedicated to their health & wellness, they both recently dropped some extra pounds by counting their macros and being more mindful of portions (check out Mary’s abs!) and just moving more every day. Chelsea’s favorite part about training these two, aside from Clark’s goofy dad jokes, is that they really push her to be a better trainer. “From tailbone injuries to accidentally running into a glass door to sore legs from dancing the night away, I am always forced to think on my feet with when it comes to modifying the workout plan for the day,” Chelsea told us. “But, I wouldn’t have it any other way, they know how to have fun in and out of the gym. And you can really tell that they love working out and that they love doing it together!”