Shredding for the Wedding!

Written by Vilita Cruz

Brides in photos are Vilita’s current or former clients.

We are in the thick of wedding season!! It’s the perfect time to talk about how I help get my clients healthy and fit for their big day!

Invest in Yourself

The number one question I get asked is “when should I start training?” The answer – ideally one year out from the wedding. Think about it: weddings usually take one year to plan, book the location, photographers, florists, and all other wedding vendors. Your wedding day is a special day and you will want to feel and look your absolute best. You are investing in your wedding day, so it only makes sense to invest in yourself, especially since you and your significant other are the highlight!

Planning your transformation to a healthier, more sizzling you will take time, especially if you are new to strength training. You need time to learn new movement patterns, giving yourself a stable foundation of executing good form and thereby setting yourself up for success in building muscle. Across the board, I recommend strength training a minimum of three times a week for brides/grooms-to-be. It will help keep you consistent, which means you will start seeing and feeling results sooner rather than later. 

Daily Habits

Outside of the gym, I recommend a yoga class which will keep you mobile and flexible and help flush out the lactic acid. And although cardio may be hardio, it has great cardiovascular benefits and builds endurance, which you will need on your big day. With all this activity you will want to fuel your body properly with lean protein, healthy fats, veggies and fresh fruit, and stay away from junk food and binge drinking, which will only hinder your workouts and therefore your results. 

Enjoy the Journey

I’m not saying the journey will be easy, but hey that’s why you hire a trainer to develop a program that’s best for you and to cheer you on to stay consistent. One of the most rewarding parts of this journey are the compliments that will start to roll in at all your pre-wedding events (bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding shower, etc.) from family members and friends. You will start appreciating how good you look in your engagement photos. Your tailor who you have three fittings with prior to your wedding day will be able to provide you with measurements at each visit. And at each visit you’re going to feel better and better. Let’s say we take looks out of the equation—you are left with feeling strong, a sense of pride, and self confidence to boot! 

If you are hearing wedding bells and plan to march down that aisle, I hope to see you in the gym in the near future. Cheers!


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