Athlete of the Month



We may sound like a broken record, but it’s no coincidence that our Athletes of the Month tend to understand that consistency is the true key to success in fitness. Amanda Ramirez and Megan Kressin have different goals, but their progress comes from the same place: consistent hard work over time. We know it’s not always easy, but as Amanda and Megan can tell you, the payoff is worth the effort!


ASF South: Amanda Ramirez

From Amanda’s trainer, David Polisky:

I chose Amanda because of her dedication to improving her strength gains and for always being happy with the progress she’s been making. She knows that consistency is the key to achieving her goals, and she always makes sure to stay positive. Even if our goals aren’t achieved immediately, she knows she’ll always have the chance to perform better on her next attempt(s)! She always shows up early and ready to get to work.

Amanda gave us her perspective on training: 

What do you enjoy most about training with your trainer?
David is always enthusiastic and ready to go! I love the way he always challenges me to lift just a little bit more, to do just one more rep. It really makes all the difference. He’s made me push past where I would have gotten on my own, and it’s led to some pretty great results! (Hello back muscles… I thought I had lost you forever.)

What have you been most proud of since you started training?
I’m a lot stronger than I ever thought I was. My deadlift numbers keep going up, along with just about everything else. I lost so much strength during COVID and it’s been really amazing to get back on track and feel capable again.

What are you looking forward to?
More lifting and the muscle gains! I’m addicted. I’m really looking forward to benching more, deadlifting more, and squatting more. Seeing the way my body keeps changing and putting on more muscle has really motivated me to keep going. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


ASF Central: Megan Kressin

From Megan’s trainer, Brendan Morr:

I chose Megan Kressin for Athlete of the Month because she’s a badass. She’s an M.D, a mom, and a marathon runner. She’s been running her marathons consistently throughout the years and I wanted to nominate her for her persistence. She’s been training with her running coach’s recommendations as well, and I’m proud of her for how she pushes herself for her marathons. I appreciate getting the chance to support her strength building from my end of the equation. She is willing to be consistent at 5:30 am in the morning and it’s really inspiring to get to train her in the early am before everyone is awake.

Here’s what Megan thinks about training with Brendan:

What do you enjoy most about training with your trainer/at ASF?
I love knowing that I can count on Brendan’s cheerful positive attitude at 5:30 am! He tailors my workout to my needs as a runner, and to where I am in my training cycle for a race. I also appreciate how he knows I am going to complain about the sled and side planks, but convinces me to do them anyway.

What have you been most proud of since you started training?
I am most proud of my consistency. Knowing that Brendan is going to show up means I have no excuses. Consistent strength work has kept me injury free for years now, which is no small feat for a runner at my age.

What are you looking forward to?
I can’t wait to turn 50 and hit the next age group! I plan to be faster as a grandmaster.