Simply Fit Games 2022 Recap!


The first annual Simply Fit Games were an absolute blast!

From the energy of the competitors and their supportive friends and family, to the always-excellent music at ASF Central, to the hyped up trainers and the tasty frozen margaritas, this event was a real party!

We designed the Games to have something for everyone – for strength athletes, a max trap bar squat. For the nimble, lateral hops and jump rope. For endurance athletes, max push-ups in a minute and a sled push-pull. Each athlete completed the 10 events in an hour, in whatever order they chose. To be strategic, they had to know their strengths and allot their rest time wisely. 

Fifteen brave athletes competed in our inaugural Games, and we are so proud to announce that every single competitor placed first, second or third in at least one event! First place received 5 points, second place 3, and third place earned 1 point.

Individual events were impressive. The top trap bar squat for men was 520 lbs, and for the women, 295 lbs! One competitor was able to complete 67 push ups in a single minute, and another got 29 pull ups in a minute. The women bested the men in the jump rope – the best time for women was 5:20 compared to 3:55 for the top man. I think it’s fair to say that many competitors exceeded their own expectations!

Men’s overall winners: 
1st – Shepherd Medrano
2nd – Chris Tejeda
3rd – Tim Zeddies






Women’s overall winners:
1st – Carolin Calderon
2nd – Chantel Soirez
3rd – Andrea Schuler






In between heats, we raffled off some excellent prizes donated by local businesses, including physical therapy from Dr. Carlos Reyes, yoga classes from Lizard Yoga, gift cards to BLK Vinyl and Blenders & Bowls, gear from Hyperwear, and a massage from Derra Perumean, LMT.

From the Ground Up provided tasty plant-based snacks, and Pinthouse Pizza generously supplied us with delicious Electric Jellyfish beers. We always have a great time when clients and trainers get to relax and hang out after a lot of hard work!

The trainers at ASF really love competition for the way it helps our athletes level up their game. Every single person who competed found a new limit to push through and can now set their sights on even bigger goals for their future training.  

We look forward to growing this event in the years to come!