Written by Nick Murillo Deluz

If you want to give 100% effort in each workout, you’ll sometimes have to take several days for your muscles to recover. Especially after a legendary leg day workout.

Thanks to science, there are multiple methods that you can use to help your muscles recover quicker and get back in the gym faster.



Even before you go to the gym, make sure you’re hydrating your body. Studies show that your muscles need plenty of water to function properly and to get rid of waste in your body. Not drinking enough water can cause the muscle fibers in your body to damage. Your body will take longer to repair the muscles that you’re using in your workout. The muscles in your body need electrolytes, potassium and magnesium to function properly. The best way to get those electrolytes is through water. Drinking fluids and eating foods with high water content, such as fruits and veggies, is essential.



Berries are a well-known superfood that affect the brain and the cardiovascular system. There is plenty of sport science research suggesting that they help prevent muscle soreness from training.

You might be asking yourself how this works? The pigment from the skin of the berries flows through the body and interacts with the cells, which include the muscle fibers. This process shields the muscles against oxidants during exercise, reducing the damage that may occur. Essentially, the berries help with muscle growth and lessen the soreness of the muscles while training.



Getting protein on rest days is just as important as getting it on the days you train. The reason behind taking protein on your rest day is you have new muscle development, and the muscle doesn’t grow unless it’s on a rest day.



A cold shower isn’t always pleasant at first, but the benefit of showering in cold water helps reduce inflammation in your muscles and assists in the recovery process.

If you are still sore more than two days after working out, try soaking in a cold bath. Over time you’ll acclimate and it will start to feel better.



Don’t go being like everyone else that tries to go six days out of the week, train hard and not recover properly. You can burn yourself out really quick, especially if you’re not getting enough time to recover.

When it comes to building muscle, getting sufficient rest is essential. Don’t be shy about taking three days off per week or more. That’s when the majority of growth happens.

Furthermore, prioritize your sleep. If possible, avoid setting an alarm clock in the morning. Just allow yourself to wake up naturally.