Athlete of the Month


Amber Irving is a fan-favorite in the Austin Simply Fit South Lamar location. She in a 36 year old energy industry professional who has been training with Coach Amanda at our South Lamar studio for about 8 months.

We asked Coach Amanda to tell us why she chose Amber for the Athlete of the Month honor, she said, “Amber is killing in and out of the gym in so many ways. When she first came to me, she had trouble using her abs without her psoas and hip flexors take over as well as chronic foot pain that a previous podiatrist said was so bad that she couldn’t be barefoot or exercise without orthopedic shoes. Flash forward to now and she’s able to lots of ab movements, is actively working with a PT to work up to barefoot movements and even running, and we are working on all three powerlifts so that she can do a competition later this year.”

Here’s what Amber has to say about her ASF experience:


Why did you decide to join ASF?
I interviewed three gyms and liked both the people and pricing structure of Austin Simply Fit.

What were your goals when you started?
My goal was to increase my overall fitness, work on some old injuries, and lose weight.

How close are you to meeting them?
I am doing well in reaching my goals. My mobility has increased dramatically; I’ve lost 15 lbs, and put on over 3 lbs of muscle.

What changes have you noticed in your body, mind, spirit since starting at ASF?
I’m physically smaller, much stronger, and have a lot more energy. Many of my old injuries have all, but gone away.

Any surprises since starting at ASF?
I learned that I very much enjoy lifting and have started to work toward a goal of getting into a competition.

Why do you like working out with Amanda?
Amanda is the best. She took seriously and worked with all of my physical restrictions early on. Since then she has helped keep me motivated, been a cheerleader in my successes, and friend to come see at the gym. She knows her stuff. I have learned so much since starting working with her.

What are your goals & plans for the future at ASF?
I plan to compete in my first lifting competition later this year.