Athlete of the Month



Brett Feero has been training with Coach Sean for the last six months with goals of improved overall fitness and strength to support activities he enjoys, including running and skiing. In this time together, there has been a noticeable improvement in his strength and endurance, especially his core strength. Sean also had the opportunity to ski with him recently and said, “I was very impressed by his speed, stability, and stamina on expert-level terrain. It was proof that all of his hard work is paying off!”

Here is what Brett himself has to say about his training: Working with Sean over the last 6 months has been great! Sean is a great person to work with and I have a lot of fun in my workouts. When I came in, my goals were:

1) improving overall fitness, and 2) preparing my body for the sports I enjoy most (namely, running, skiing, and wakeboarding).

I have noticed especially dramatic gains in my core strength and endurance. To give a flavor of what this means to me, I recently went on a ski trip where I skied hard for 6 days straight. I was in end-of-season form by day 2. And despite the altitude, I had great endurance, which made it easy for me to get up early and hit the slopes. I just had fun.

I had no idea that being so well conditioned would make me enjoy the sport I love most even more!