Athlete of the Month

BRYSON MOORE: Leander Athlete of the Month – July 2017


Fifteen year old Bryson Moore is a Leander High School student and athlete that has been training with Mark Rogers for the past three months.  In that time, Mark identified a theme with Bryson and the energy he brings to his training and workouts, “Bryson takes ownership in improving his athletic performance, and he is dedicated to not being average by being coachable, working hard, and enjoying each opportunity to get better.”

We’re stoked that Bryson is part of the Austin Simply Fit family and are excited to watch him grow as athlete and a person. 


We sat down with Bryson last week and asked him a few questions about his experience with the youth athletic classes and Austin Simply Fit. Thank you Bryson for taking the time to tell us all about it!


ASF: Why did you decide to join ASF?
Bryson: I was referred by a friend and attended an open workout to see if I liked it.  After the open workout I was able to see that ASF could benefit me and help me achieve my goals as an athlete.

ASF: What were your goals when you started?
Bryson: I wanted to get stronger, faster and learn how to work out properly.

ASF: How close are you to meeting them?
I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I am definitely stronger and I understand proper techniques of working out much more than I did when I started 3 months ago.

ASF: What changes have you noticed in your body, mind, spirit since starting at ASF?
I have more confidence and a higher drive to work out and continue to improve on the positive changes I have already noticed.


ASF: Why do you like working out with Mark?
He is an excellent trainer and he motivates and pushes me to get better.  Plus he is a great and fun guy.


ASF: What is it about Mark/ASF that keeps you coming back?
Mark: How much he inspires me and pushes me to go past my limits to get better.

ASF: What are your goals & plans for the future at ASF?
To become as strong and fast as I can be and prepare myself as much as possible to hopefully play baseball in college.

ASF: What is your favorite food?
Bryson: BBQ and Mexican Food

ASF: Any advice you’d share with a newcomer to ASF?
Things may seem rough and too hard at first, but if you keep going and stick with it you will make it through and see yourself getting better.

ASF: Anything else you’d like to add about your experience at ASF or with Mark?
Mark is a great guy and knows what he is doing when it comes to training and preparing athletes for their best.