Athlete of the Month

Randy Brooks: ASF Central Athlete of the Month – April 2017

Randy Brooks is 62 years old and 144 pounds. He has been training with Brendan Morr regularly for more than 4 months and gaining muscle mass and strength with a bench press going from 130 to 200 pounds. He has also told his wife that he will give up retirement and enter lifting contests with other geriatrics.

We love Randy. He’s always talking about music and his family and bringing his best-self to the gym everyday. Here what Randy has to say about his ASF experience and trainer, Brendan.

“When my wife and I moved to Austin, I was trying to find a community gym that focused on strength conditioning. I was not looking for swimming pools, pilates classes, or rock climbing walls. I found what I was looking for at Austin Simply Fit. The gym is personal and supportive. The trainers are dedicated, informed, and friendly. There are no members who pose in the mirrors. It’s a place I look forward to every training session.

Brendan is a great trainer. He personalizes my sessions, he makes sure I have proper form, he doesn’t text while I’m working out, he always motivates me to do better, and he’s very supportive of my progress.

Before every difficult set, I use his mantra–“LIGHT WEIGHTS”– and it works! Thanks Brendan!”